Audiovisual Media Authority in cooperation with Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration organize “Media of the Next Generation” conference

Audiovisual Media Authority in cooperation with Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration organize “Media of the Next Generation” conference

On May 20th, the Audiovisual Media Authority in cooperation with the Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration, during the Innovation Week organized “Media of the Next Generation” conference. The event presented the latest innovations from the world of technology and innovation applied in Albania in various infrastructures such as terrestrial digital broadcasting, satellite, CATV, IPTV, etc. In this new era of digitization that Albania is entering, media is expected to have a role on the commitment in terms of guaranteeing the basic principles of democracy and the promotion of freedom of expression, pluralism, ethnic and cultural diversity and independence in its editorial policies.

“Media of the Next Generation” Conference started with speech of Minister of State for Innovation and Public Administration, Ms. Milena Harito. She brought a brief description of the process of digitalization the country is facing, describing it as a complex phenomenon that can only be realized in a fruitful cooperation among many stakeholders. Ms. Harito said that so far this process in Albania has continued on the right track thanks to this cooperation, and today the country is in an advanced stage of it. In addition, Minister of State for Innovation and Public Administration focused her speech saying that this change of technologies is expected to bring a changed media landscape, to update the way of watching TV and over all is expected to affect the economic development.

While in his speech, Chairman of the Authority and the Audiovisual Media, Mr. Gentian Sala, emphasized that the focus of the Authority he leads has been and remains the maximization of the offer to the public. According to the head of this institution, for the citizens it is more compelling the bouquet of programs that platforms and channels offer, rather than the technical and technological parameters. With the focus on the Public Broadcaster, Mr. Sala explained that AMA remains invested in duplication and quality of the programs, in order to be various and intended for all age groups.

“We are confident that dialogue and communication between the two institutions will now be even more intense with the election of the new chairman of ART, to reach our common goal, the signing of the Public Service Contract” – concluded Mr. Sala in his speech.

The new chairman of Albanian Radio Television, during his speech, emphasized journalism situation in nowadays. Giving importance to preservation of dignity and journalist personality, he gave explanations about what the media should offer in relation with what the public wants to follow. Albanian Radio Television for Mr. Gëllçi, is a social mechanism that should precede good changes in society and technology is only one instrument that serves for this goal.

The conference welcomed even Mr. Erkan Tabak, General Director of Albtelecom, which gave a comprehensive overview of the investments made by this company in the field of technology and media.

Leading operators in the field of audiovisual broadcastings presented an overview of the investments made in recent years in audio and audiovisual technology in the country. This overview included broadcasting infrastructure as well as program service provision. During these presentations were addressed arguments that relate to the challenges and commitments facing the audiovisual market in the context of new developments in audiovisual and telecommunications broadcasting technology.

At the conference were invited journalists, audiovisual entities, international organizations, media researchers, telecommunications society and all stakeholders on media and technology.

The Audiovisual Media Authority 

Tirana, on 20 of May 2016