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The release of the 700MHz frequency band Krasniqi conducts a meeting with the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industry (HAKOM) in Croatia

Albania follows the meeting’s agenda aiming to coordinate the Release of the 700 MHz Frequency Band (otherwise known as DD2). The President of the Audio-visual Media Authority, Mrs. Armela Krasniqi, and the AMA delegation held an official visit to Croatia in order to discuss with their Croatian counterparts on the coordination of the frequency plan and the harmonization of technical parameters.

The President of AMA, Mrs. Krasniqi expressed her gratitude to the Croatian party for this meeting’s on time organization and the commitment shown in this very difficult process from the technical coordination point of view.

The parties discussed topics on which the two countries are facing issues that need to be resolved following the coordination of the UHF band frequencies and the III-VHF band.

They agreed to continue the cooperation regarding the technical harmonizing parameters of the Albanian national networks in order to achieve compatibility between the allotments of Tirana and Dubrovnik (D09).

The Croatian party agreed in principle with the frequency plan of Albania and will continue working with the AMA administration to harmonize the technical parameters in order to avoid the future interference. Croatia was one of the last countries in the region that had not given its consent to the Albanian frequency plan.

Previously, the President of the Audio-visual Media Authority held an agenda of meetings with the neighbouring countries in the region due to the importance of this process, as well as the deadlines for its implementation.

Following this, a Bilateral Declaration of Agreement was signed in Tirana in between Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo. This will be followed by the relevant Agreements regarding the release of the frequency band and the finalization of this process within the deadlines set in international acts.

By signing the Institutional “Joint Declaration” regarding the release of the 700 MHz frequency band, the signing parties confirmed the compatible frequency plan achievement between the respective administrations on the coordination of digital terrestrial frequencies, in the band 470-694 MHz.  Albania has obtained the approval from Italy and Greece for its frequency plan DD2.

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