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Release of the 700 MHz band, AMA coordination agenda with the countries of the region

The President of the Audiovisual Media Authority, Mrs. Armela Krasniqi and the AMA delegation held a meeting with the counterparts of the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services of Montenegro.

In this meeting, Krasniqi was welcomed by Executive Director Darko Grgurovic, with whom they highlighted the need to coordinate frequencies within the process of releasing the 700 MHz band and advancing this agenda as soon as possible.

In this spirit, the Parties agreed in principle and set the milestones for the continuation of cooperation in this regard, by drafting a detailed plan on how to reach a final agreement which is expected to be signed at the soonest time convenient.

In the framework of this process, for its frequency plan Albania has received the approval of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is following the agenda of coordination meetings with all neighbouring countries in the region with the aim to finalize this process as soon as possible.

Being aware of the relevance of this process and the tight deadlines for its implementation (June 30, 2022), AMA will continue to follow this process intensively by coordinating with all stakeholders involved at national and international level.


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