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PRESS RELEASE, Broadcasting code compliance

In terms of the systematic monitoring process of the broadcast content, pursuant to Law no.  97/2013 “On audio-visual media in the Republic of Albania”, as amended, or regarding the complaint’s reviews submitted with the institution, AMA has recently identified cases related to ethical violations in programs. Each case was reviewed in compliance with the legal provisions and the Broadcasting Code whereas AMA has maintained contact with AAMSP on the noticed issues.

As far as the Authority is concerned, the freedom of audio-visual activity and the compilation of diverse program schedules does not relate to the inappropriate content, which violate the dignity of show participants and viewers.

Law no.  97/2013, Article 33, which , inter alia, includes the AAMSP obligations, provides for the “not violation of the dignity and fundamental human rights”, or “acting in compliance with the rules of ethics and public morality…”.

The Broadcasting Code also stipulates that: “audio-visual broadcasts are in compliance with the personality, dignity and other fundamental human rights and freedoms”, (point 1.3) and “the activity of audio-visual broadcasting is in compliance with the moral and ethical norms of society, as well as the Deontology code of the journalistic profession”, (point 1.6).

AMA will continue monitoring, as well as review any complaints regarding the content that is not in compliance with applicable legal requirements, maintaining contact with AAMSP, in order to follow up any identified cases.

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