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New Frequency Plan, AMA with EU experts and national operators

The release of the 700MHz frequency band, known as DD2, requires the commitment of all institutional and private stakeholders involved in this process in order to finalize it within the deadlines recommended in national and international legal acts. A week of intensive working discussions has started in the premises of AMA between national operators (public and private) with the group of EU experts, benefited from the Albanian party in the framework of technical assistance for the release of DD2 from audio-visual broadcasts. During these meetings detailed discussion have taken place, such as; technical issues on the frequency migration plan, technical issues on the new Albanian frequency plan, scheduling plan, as well as network synchronization issues. Discussions were mainly focused on the technical details regarding the infrastructure required to implement the changes arising from this process. The experts group will also visit the audio-visual broadcasting points on Friday, March 11, therefore they will have a more realistic and clear picture of any recommendations that this process will offer.

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