Round-table on termination of analog broadcasting in Shkodra, Lezha, Elbasan and Vlora allotments.

The digitalization process finalization in the largest regions of the country will be followed by Shkodra, Lezha, Elbasan and Vlora regions. The deadline set by AMA board since November last year was March 31st, 2020. For this purpose, the Audiovisual Media Authority organized a round-table on taking measures to terminate analog broadcasts in Shkodra, Lezha, Elbasan and Vlora allotments.

The round-table was attended by local and regional operators. The aim of the meeting was discussing about technical, legal, financial and program issues, related to the process of switching from analog to digital broadcasting in the said regions.

Furthermore, it was emphasized that the “Decision to terminate analog broadcasts in these regions is the result of the Albanian public operator distributing digital broadcasts across Albania, with private numeric operators having installed the infrastructure solely on the main municipalities of these regions. Moreover, AMA is cooperating with national operators to continue installing infrastructure within the set deadlines.” In this framework, filing support contract to one of the public or private operators is of crucial importance.

Discussions and debates continued on the implementation of Law No. 34/2017 “On the Release of Digital-Dividend Frequency”, as amended, which is already applicable; in addition to lack of frequencies in Vlora region.

AMA will continue working with all subjects, aiming that the process of switching to digital broadcasts is successful in these regions as well.

Audiovisual Media Authority

 February 25th, 2020

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