Announcement for audio and audiovisual media

For the most part, information and discussions in audio and audiovisual media broadcast content are related to the spread of COVID-19, public preventive measures, conditions and treatment of infected people, data by specialized institutions and experts, as well as statistics of victims at the global level among others.

Since audio and audiovisual media play an essential role in informing and educating the population under the threat of the pandemic, AMA is convinced that editorial offices shall continue to be professional and ethical in covering this unprecedented situation.

Information and data will be verified, while treatment and guidelines on health, hygiene and sanitation will be based on the statements of experts, thus avoiding fake news and incorrect information causing panic and creating confusion among audio and audiovisual broadcasts audience.

Audio and audiovisual subject should also consider applying requirements stipulated on the regulation on unpaid broadcasting of information, messages and announcements of high interest to the wider public, approved upon AMA decision No. 76, dated 04.04.2016.

Article 6, Paragraph 4 envisages that these subjects shall be obliged to broadcast free “information, messages, and calls of the Ministry of Health regarding population health protection in an unprecedented situation, in cases of epidemics and infectious diseases, which spread fast and are a threat to the community, as well as messages related to voluntary and free blood donation. …”

Audiovisual Media Authority

 Tirana, March 9th, 2020

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