AMA-AKEP: Signature of the Memorandum of Cooperation

On November 03, 2021, the Audiovisual Media Authority and the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority signed the Memorandum of Cooperation, which aims at the operational, technical and legal support and guarantees in areas of common interest for both parties.

The Chair of the Audiovisual Media Authority, Mrs. Armela Krasniqi, said that this Memorandum represents a milestone to express the common will to discuss and address all the issues faced by both institutions. Mrs. Krasniqi considered this momentum as fundamental as this Memorandum of Cooperation is one of the recommendations of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania for the authority.

The Chair of the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority, Mr. Tomi Frashëri, underlined the importance of this Memorandum as crucial in terms of cooperation in those areas where both institutions have a meeting point serving to highest public interest.

This Memorandum is expected to enable both institutions to commit to its best implementation and performance, in a faster and efficient way, as well as to the best and qualitative accomplishment of its goals.

Moreover, the signatory institutions will establish a cooperation on:

– the release of the 700 MHz band (so-called DD2) by AMA and taking over the administration of this band by AKEP, in compliance with the deadlines set by the EU and ITU;

– the establishment of a TASK-FORCE with joint representatives from both institutions to fight against illegality in non-copyright broadcasts through electronic communications networks and the development of activity only by entities licensed/authorized by regulatory authorities;

– the establishment of a joint working group, which will continuously follow up on the issues of interference caused by entities, whose activity is included in the scope of both institutions, as well as interferences reported by the regulatory authorities of neighbouring countries;

– creation of a unified inventory of frequencies based on the legal obligations set for both institutions on the “Approval of the Multiannual Spectrum Policy Program and Action Plan” as well as the by-laws issued for its implementation.

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