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The Alliance Against Hate Speech* has been incited by representatives of the LGBTI community, but also by other reactions on social networks and online portals, for the use of discriminatory language and incitement to violence in a program broadcast on Klan national television, where some disturbing phenomena have been reported.

AAHS has previously expressed its concern over the language used on national television against social minorities and seeks to avoid inciting hate and violence of any form as it might be understood or implied.

It is commendable that the media exploits its communication means to inform the public and exposes criminal phenomena, especially when it comes to the involvement of minors in any way. AAHS urges all law enforcement agencies, the State Police and the Prosecution Office to investigate the events.

In this context, AAHS publicly calls on the Klan national television and the managers of “Stop” investigative program, that in the performance of their important duty for the Albanian society to avoid misunderstandings on the connection of negative phenomena with the sexual orientation of the persons involved. Sexual harassment against minors and anyone else, as well as sexual intercourse with minors, are wounds that affect the entire Albanian society.

AAHS is highly convinced that public media represent a national good and their task is to inform the entire society, while respecting social pluralism, diversity among persons, promotion of minorities and promotion of the most vulnerable groups.

At any time, AAHS supports the reaction of civil society organizations, representatives of different communities and citizens when they witness discriminatory acts.

*The Alliance Against Hate Speech was established on December 20, 2019 in Tirana, as an initiative of the Ombudsman, the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination, the Audiovisual Media Authority and the Albanian Media Council to combat the phenomenon of “hate speech” in all dimensions emerging in the Albanian society.

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