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Broadcasting Code of Audiovisual Medias on Public Consultation

Broadcasting Code of Audiovisual Medias on Public Consultation

In the framework of the Broadcasting Code Review, AMA, on Thursday, September 21, held a second consultative meeting with public institutions, non-governmental organizations and international organizations dealing with human rights. The Broadcasting Code is one of the main sub-legal acts that regulates the activity of audio and audiovisual operators in broadcasting programs.

Following concrete proposals and suggestions sent to AMA over the last two months by partners and associates of various directorates, and after preparing the new draft on the existing text, this second meeting was a good opportunity for exchanging sugestion and opinions based on what is provided in the law, further pushing the work, to significantly improve one of the core documents of the regulatory framework of the audio and audiovisual market in Albania.

At this meeting it was emphasized that this new draft of Broadcasting Code of Audiovisual Medias, which has reflected proposals inside and outside AMA, with a greater focus on the protection of minor’s rights and personal data protection, will be displayed for a period of 30 days, on public consultation. The purpose of this form of organization is to comprehensively involve in this process suggestions / opinions and proposals on the current text of the Broadcasting Code by partners, SMPs and subjects or individuals interested, in order to proceed after with its approval.

AMA Chairman, Mr. Gentian Sala, considering the Broadcasting Code as one of the main sub-legal acts in the audiovisual activity, expressed the willingness of the Authority to maximally evaluate in this consultation process any suggestions or suggestions that would come from the partners , the group of interest or the general public

Specialists and experts from the Program Directorate, the Legal Directorate and the Council of Complaints from Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) attended the meeting. Active in their discussions were also representatives from the Commissioner for the Right to Information and Personal Data protection, the Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania (CRCA), the State Agency for the Protection of Children’s Rights, Observatory for Children’s Rights, Albanian Women Empowerment Network, as well as the Order of the Physician. Also present were representatives of the OSCE and the Council of Europe who advocated that the Code be revised by a foreign expertise to be closer to European standards.

All participants, after welcoming and evaluating the necessity for meeting these meetings, saw the roundtable as a good opportunity for continued work and promised to give their contribution to the areas they cover in order to successfully finalize this initiative.

Audiovisual Media Authority

Tirana on 21 September 2017.

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