Audiovisual Media Authority celebrates its 20th anniversary

On May 3, the Audiovisual Media Authority organized a ceremony on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

Various personalities contributing in the field of audiovisual media, MPs, journalists, analysts, academical staff, partners of AMA, and representatives of Albanian media attended the ceremony. This anniversary was also honored by presence of former officials of Audiovisual Media Authority.

Deputy Speaker of the Albanian Parliament, Mrs. Vasilika Hysi congratulated the Authority for the work achieved so far. According to her, AMA has a direct impact on media education of students and professionalism of journalists in news reporting, as well as in all chains of an independent and free media. Mrs. Hysi considered AMA’s cooperation with public institutions as a good method to boost inter-institutional interaction that directly effects on their mutual strengthening.

In his speech, the AMA’s Chairman, Mr. Gentian Sala, made a summary of the 20 years of AMA’s history. He went on saying that AMA has overcome all of inherited financial and litigation problems of digitization and it has managed to guarantee the major platforms in the country, within the limits of bands and legal restrictions. He also added that maximal efforts have been made to reduce the fees of public and private operators. “Today, 35% of Albanian public watches terrestrial TV for free, in over 30 channels, and this is not happening in any other country of the region,”- said Mr. Sala.

AMA’s Chairman pointed out that, for the first time from 2018, the Authority is focused on programming issues, as its core scope of activity in line with the public interests.

The ceremony of AMA’s 20th anniversary coincided with the World Press Freedom Day. In this regard, AMA’s Chairman talked about the role of media in Albanian society during these years.

“.. in the last 20 years, it is, no doubt, the fiercest reporter of violations to public institutions. It is the media that has kept alive Albanian language in thousands of Albanian children living abroad. It is the great media industry that with its work not only contributes with millions of euros to the state budget, but it also provides employment to over 3,000 employees.  We shall not forget that this media, in Kosovo, Macedonia and in all Albanian speaking lands, is the main means of information”- said Mr. Sala.

The evening continued under a festive atmosphere with music and greetings among the guests.


Audiovisual Media Authority

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