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Beginnings of media activity

The years 1994 - 1995 mark the beginning of the activity of private media (radio and television) in the Republic of Albania. All the activity of private radios and televisions started much earlier than that defined by law 8410/1998. Prior to their departure, there was only one state-owned operator, which broadcast two radio programs and one television program, the Albanian Radio and Television (RTSH).


Approval of Law no. 8410 "On public and private radio and television in the Republic of Albania"

In 1996-1998 in Albania the number of private television stations increased rapidly, by about 30, in 21 cities of the country and the need for regulatory staff was becoming more and more sensitive. On September 30, 1998, Law no. 8410 "On public and private radio and television in the Republic of Albania". The law targeted the private media but also what until then was considered state.


National Radio and Television Council

On June 30, 1999, the Albanian Parliament elected for the first time in the history of the country, the National Council of Radio and Television, a new regulatory body for the field of electronic media, provided by law 8410, dated 30.09.1998. The law in question defined the body composed of 7 representative members of independent intellectual thought, which depend only on the law. The activity of the private media in the country started before the completion of the relevant legal framework and, consequently, before the establishment of the NCRT institution. As such it is part of the history of private media in Albania. The need to change the legislation in the field of audiovisual broadcasting arose as a result of technological developments and to meet the obligations arising for the Republic of Albania and to harmonize with the obligations arising by the SAA.


Approval of Law no. 97 "On audiovisual media in the Republic of Albania"

The state of the media over the years also changed which reinforced the need to change the legal framework. For this reason in 2013 the law no. 97 “On audiovisual media in the Republic of Albania” (Law 97/2013). Law 97/2013 regulates the activity of audiovisual media and their support services, based on the principle of technological neutrality in the territory of the Republic of Albania. Law 97/2013 provides the basic principles that form the basis of the development of audiovisual activity. In addition to the general principles, which are declaratory norms, there are several provisions that provide obligations for audiovisual media service providers stipulating that the latter, in their activity, comply with the requirements of media legislation during the audio and audiovisual activity.

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