The deadline for the closure of analogue broadcasting in Tirana-Durres district is posponed

The deadline for the closure of analogue broadcasting in Tirana-Durres district is posponed

Audiovisual Medai Authority announces that the deadline for the closure of analogue broadcasts in the Tirana-Durrës districts scheduled for June 30, 2017, is postponed for a short time. This decision is taken due the inadequate quantity of ground-based decoder equipment in the market that enables digital TV signal reception. Given the high number of residents in Tirana and Durrës districts, it is considered important to ensure the sufficient amount of digital decoders to guarantee citizens the free reception of programs.

AMA, in cooperation and coordination with all the institutions involved in the process of transition from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting, is continuing to take stimulating steps in providing sufficient quantities of these devices as an opportunity for progress and finalization of this objective in two circles. By meeting the necessary and necessary conditions for the smooth running of the digitalization process, AMA will officially announce the deadline for analogue broadcast closures in the Tirana and Durrës Districts.

The digitalization process will take place in the district of Berat with the onset of digital broadcasting on 3 July 2017, while the analogue broadcasts will continue for a period of one month.

AMA requires from the public, who benefits from TV broadcasters through analogue technology, to be equipped with a digital receiver (DVB-T2 type decoder) as they will not be able to see more TV broadcastingss in Berat district after closing analogue broadcastings.

Audiovisual Media Authority

Tirana, on 27 June 2017

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