Armela Krasniqi on her official business visit to the State Institute for Communication in the Federal Republic of Germany

Mrs. Armela Krasniqi, President of the Audiovisual Media Authority, during her official visit at the Central Management Office of the State Media Authorities in Berlin, was welcomed by Dr. Wolfgang Kreissig, Chairman of Directors of the State Media Authorities (DLM) and at the same time Director of the State Media Authority (LFK) in the Baden-Württemberg region of the Federal Republic of Germany, and by Mr. Peter Matzneller, Legal and European Affairs Consultant as well as the Vice President of EPRA.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, there are 14 State Media Authorities, divided by regions.

During this meeting, the officials discussed on the common challenges faced by regulatory authorities today due to the rapid pace of technological transmission, as well as the need to strengthen cooperation through the exchange of information, and above all by acting in line with of best practices in the sector. They focused on the importance of implementing Directive 2018/1808 as an efficient tool to regulate some important aspects of the media market. Dr. Kreissig informed that the process of implementation of the Directive in Germany has been completed and that some of the main amendments to this Directive have been proposed by the German state. Amongst other issues of significant relevance to both parties, which were discussed during the meeting, were media education, monitoring of audio and audiovisual content, audience measurement, etc.

Dr. Kreissig positively responded to the invitation to visit AMA and Albania at a time convenient for both parties.

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