AMA publishes Periodic Bulletin with audiovisual market data

AMA publishes Periodic Bulletin with audiovisual market data

Today, The Audiovisual Media Authority introduced the Bulletin No. 1 with data from the dynamics of the audiovisual market in the Republic of Albania (January-June 2016).

The Bulletin is a summary of indicators on the audiovisual media sector in the Republic of Albania, thus fulfilling one of the main functions attributed to AMA by the law on audiovisual media.

The meeting was organized in two introductory sessions: “Transparency of audiovisual activity, impact on the market and the consumer”; “The Mission and Function of a Periodical Bulletin – Look at the Dynamics of the First Edition Indicators”, where Mr. Gentian Sala, Chairman of the Audiovisual Media Authority, had his speech on the question, as well Mr. Arben Muka Director of Programs, in Audiovisual Media Authority.

The modernization of this publication in the field of media was appreciated by the participants. Also, the fact that so far it were a gap for such data for audiovisual subjects.

During the discussion session, several topics were discussed, such as: “Adjusting the labor market among audiovisual operators through the standardization of contractual employer-employee relations” Irida Qosja, responsible for the sector at the State Labor Inspectorate and Social Services; “Methodological Aspects of Collecting, Processing and Publishing Statistical Data” by Ms. Delina Ibrahimaj, General Director of INSTAT; “The importance of data publishing and credibility to the public and interest groups” by dr. Selami XHEPA, Vice-Rector of UET; “The curriculum of studies in Journalism and Communication Sciences in accordance with the needs of the media industry, as well as the trends of internet dissemination and social networks” by Prof. Asoc Mark Marku, in charge of the Department of Journalism & Communication at the University of Tirana; “Qualification of journalists and editors of audio-visual media for the respect of the Broadcasting Code and deontological principles”, by Mr. Remzi Lani, Director of the Albanian Media Institute in Tirana.

This is the second bulletin published by AMA, within this year after that of the Council of Complaints.

Audiovisual Media Authority

Tirana on 30th of May 2017

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