A virtual discussion panel on “Advertisements for children, with children”, organized by AMA

On Tuesday, October 6th, 2020, the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) organized a virtual discussion panel, titled “Advertisements for children, with children”. AMA’s priority is and has been child protection from harmful audiovisual content, with the majority of it consisting of commercial communications and advertisements.

Some of the main commitments of the Authority are handling complaints made by individuals or subjects, monitoring and reviewing broadcast content, and improving bylaws in this regard.

The virtual discussion panel was attended by representatives of national and local AMSPs, public institutions and non-profit organizations focusing on child protection, as well as media and communications experts among others.

During the discussion, they made reference to the legal framework in force, such as Law No. 97/2013 “On Audiovisual Broadcasting”, as amended, AMA Broadcasting Code, Regulation on Advertisements, and law on protecting minors from alcohol use.

The discussants raised the issue of promoting children’s online activity, on various electronic devices that made them addicted to Internet use. Moreover, they discussed about avoiding various food products audiovisual advertisements that involve children.

Various representatives of non-profit organizations, AMSPs, and especially RTSH, proposed the broadcast of free advertisements related to respecting child rights. In this regard, AMA representatives emphasized that Law No. 97/2013 stipulates circumstances where AMSPs should broadcast free information, and NPOs proposal should ensure amendments and addenda to the existing law. Another proposal was related to banning children’s images use in audiovisual broadcasting for purposes of electoral campaigns.

The panel reiterated cooperation among stakeholders engaged with child rights protection, professionally identifying and addressing cases of inappropriate audiovisual content, which harms children’s physical, mental and moral development.


Tirana, October 6th, 2020

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