AMA monitors the frequency bands, determined in the National Frequency Plan (approved by DCM 277, dated 29.03.2017 “On the approval of the National Frequency Plan”) for audiovisual broadcasts, in order to:

Use of frequencies granted by the license to be in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework in force, subject to the terms of the license;
Frequency spectrum to be used only by allowed users, according to the provisions of law 97/2013;
To create a suitable environment without harmful interference for the operation of audiovisual transmission systems and stations, which will be used for private or public purposes.
Frequency monitoring is done in accordance with regulation no. 21, dated 27.12.2013 “On the procedures of inspection / monitoring of the activity of audio and / or audiovisual media service providers”.

AMA, for frequency monitoring, cooperates with AKEP and other institutions in charge of frequency spectrum management.

Frequency monitoring can also be done at the request of entities, which hold a license issued by the AMA. In this case the monitoring costs are borne by the interested entity.

Currently frequency monitoring is performed with the following equipment:

Portable spectrum analyzer MS 2711 E
HD RANGER 2 field strength meter
TV / FM / SAT PROLINK 3+ signal level meter
Mini receiver EB 200 ROHDE & SCHWARZ (part of QLKF [1])
Spectrum Analyzer FSP 30 ROHDE & SCHWARZ (part of QLKF)
Professional field intensity meter HP PLISH TV FMS 100 (part of QLKF)
The technical equipment according to points 4, 5 and 6, as well as other auxiliary equipment, which are installed in a Toyota Land Cruiser type vehicle constitute the Mobile Frequency Control Center (QLKF). QLKF uses the Clark Direct Type system which makes it possible to raise the antenna to a height of up to 10 m above ground level.

[1] Mobile Frequency Control Center

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