Radio Challenges in the Digital Era

On the World Radio Day, AMA organized an event, titled “Radio Challenges in the Digital Era”.

On Thursday morning, February 13th, 2020, AMA carried out a media event in its offices, titled “Radio Challenges in the Digital Era”, in the framework of the World Radio Day.

The event was attended by representatives of radio, public and commercial editorial offices, media associations, Journalism and Communications Department at the University of Tirana, various public institutions, and the civil society as well.

Discussions took place at the “Retro” exhibition and focused on the radio challenges under the fast technology advancement and wide spread of the Internet.

Much like in other countries around the world, events in the framework of the World Radio Day aim at bringing attention to the role and impact of this medium on the society, encouraging the adaptation of editorial offices performance with multimedia and convergence circumstances, which have radically changed the behavior and involvement of audiences with media products.

In his remarks, the head of AMA, Mr. Gentian Sala noted the institutional engagement in favor of facilitating procedures for licensing, extending deadlines, reorganizing the structure of the Authority in terms of programs, legal and technical aspects, etc., although there was room for improvement. “The radio is experiencing difficult times, technology is blocking its way, especially in rural areas. There are numerous suburban areas where there is one or no radio station. In order to encourage opening radio stations in these areas, AMA has started competitions for licensing without requirements.” – he said.

The Head of Journalism and Communications Department at the University of Tirana, Prof. Mark Marku, well-known radio personalities over the years, Agim Xheka and Xhelil Aliu, representatives of local stations, Edi Halilaj (Radio Lushnja), Agron Hoxha (Radio Spektrum) Don Prekë Lazraj (Radio Maria), etc., focused on the quality and diversity of broadcast content, preparation of journalists and collaborators, as well as efforts of editorial offices to attract a larger audience, in addition to wavelength broadcasting and virtual matters downloaded on websites or social network accounts.

The “Retro” exhibit will stay open at AMA offices until next Thursday, February 20th, 2020.

UNESCO decided that February 13th would be the World Radio Day, in commemoration of the date of United Nations Radio foundation in 1946.

For the first time in Albania this day was officially celebrated in 2014, and since then various events have been carried out.

Audiovisual Media Authority

 February 13th, 2020

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