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Based on the latest news on the audiovisual media, for a serious case of attempted suicide by a patient in the Infectious Disease Hospital in Tirana, the Audiovisual Media Authority, AMA, appeals to the media service providers to avoid broadcasting in detail of such despairing acts.

We maximally appreciate the commitment and dedication of the audiovisual newsrooms editorial staff, to report and cover step by step the dynamics of the pandemic, to help the citizens and institutions in preventing or mitigating the consequences of the spread of coronavirus. But, detailed transmission, and retransmission of tragic circumstances on-screen, bring impact with depressing grades to the audience.

The confrontation of the Albanian society with Covid-19, which, as everywhere, has produced changes in the dynamics of development, has produced obstacles and slowness, has produced difficulties and stress to the population, to entrepreneurs or decision makers of every level.

Audiovisual newsrooms have an irreplaceable role in informing and educating the public, but their right to comprehensive and professional information would be unproductive if mixed with exaggerated reporting of depressing and unfortunate acts. At this time psychologically overloaded for the population, especially for those who have family, relatives or friends and acquaintances affected by Covid-19, as well as for health teams that are on the front line.

Balanced and professional information from audiovisual newsrooms helps to overcome this unprecedented situation, prevent the risks of coronavirus spreading from potentially infected persons and return to normal.


Tirana, 10.11.2020


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