Academic Conference of the Journalism and Communications Department on the Quality of Albanian TV Broadcasters News, supported by AMA

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On Monday, October 26th 2020, the Journalism and Communications Department organized an academic conference, titled “Quality of Albanian TV Broadcasters News”, at the Faculty of History and Philology, University of Tirana. The study project was supported by the Audiovisual Media Authority, as part of these two public institutions cooperation since 2015.

While presenting the main findings of the 6-month market research, carried out by lecturers, with the assistance of Journalism and Communications students, the head of the Department, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Mark Marku expressed his gratitude to AMA for their ongoing cooperation with the Department on numerous reviews and analyses of audio and audiovisual issues and operations, focusing on special aspects in the context of Internet spread and ever-changing technology.

The two institutions have performed joint activities of mutual interest and benefit to AMSPs networks and broadcast content audience.

The head of AMA, Mr. Sala stated that the Journalism and Communications Department was their preferred partner. He extended his thanks to the researchers for the project, highlighting its impact on monitoring and cooperation between the two institutions.

During the conference, they presented components of data garnered through a 4-week monitoring of newscasts by national, regional and local subjects, expressing their appreciation to the news speed, relevance, geographical distribution, diversity, multimediality, objectivity, and reports genre and duration.

Posits and issues identified during the academic conference will be abstracted on a special publication, which will be distributed to AMSPs representatives, researchers, scholars, students and everyone, who takes an interest in audiovisual market dynamics and performance, and newscasts content in particular.

 Audiovisual Media Authority                            

Tirana, October 26th 2020


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