AMA-AKEP cooperation, official visit of the Chairperson of the Audiovisual Media Authority!

The Chairwoman of the Audiovisual Media Authority, Mrs. Armela Krasniqi, paid an official visit to the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority. Mrs. Krasniqi, was welcomed in this meeting by Mr. Tomi Frashëri, in the quality of the Head of the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority. In this meeting the two regulatory authorities expressed the mutual commendation for the cooperation so far and highlighted the need for intensification of relations between the two institutions and the further enhancement of cooperation in areas of common interest. Drafting of a Memorandum of Cooperation was considered of high importance with relevance to both regulatory authorities, to include issues of common interest, including: The release of the 700 MHz band from AMA and the taking over of the administration of this band by AKEP, in compliance with the deadlines set by the EU and ITU. The establishment of a TASK-FORCE with joint representatives from both institutions to fight against illegality in electronic communications networks and the development of activity solely by entities licensed by regulatory authorities. The drafting of a joint action calendar was decided to contribute to the accomplishment of such objectives. Furthermore, a special focus shall be dedicated to joint monitoring for the blocking of Internet access of sites with illegal or harmful content, by electronic communications entrepreneurs, identified as such by AMA. A joint working group will also be established to follow up on the issues of interference reported by the regulatory authorities of neighbouring countries, in border areas and beyond. The coordination of the work for the creation of a unified frequency inventory database, pursuant to the provisions of the Spectral Policy, shall be systematic.
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