Authorities Bodies of Albania and Kosovo show Willingness to Strengthen Cooperation

Authorities Bodies of Albania and Kosovo show Willingness to Strengthen Cooperation

September 25 , 2018

A high level delegation from the Independent Media Commission of Kosovo (KPM), led by Mr. Muja Ferati, Chairman of IMC, Ms. Violeta Hyseni Kelmeni Vice Chairperson, Ms. Naile Krasniqi, Executive Director, and Members Ms. Vlorë Berisha, Ms. Anita Muriqi, Ms. Maja Slavic, Mr. Xhemajl Krasniqi, on Monday, on 24 September 2018, held a working visit in Tirana at the AMA’s premises.

Digitalization of audiovisual broadcasting, drafting of procedures, approving the package of bylaws, frequency allocation for the interested subjects, penalities aplied to medias that do not respect the Broadcasting Code, especially the protection of children, were some of the issues that were addressed in the meeting.

AMA Chairman, Mr. Gentian Sala and his counterpart from KPM, Mr. Muja Ferati, as well as members of delegations from the two regulatory institutions, presented the common points where cooperation could be more dynamic.

The delegation from Kosovo, was more interested in information and experience on the digitalization process, where they are still in the first steps of the preparations, demanding from AMA legal, technical and organizational expertise to overcome this fundamental change in the Kosovo audiovisual market.

Mr. Sala reassured the readiness to assist all those processes that were consolidated in AMA, making them applicable to the reality of Kosovo’s audiovisual broadcasting.

There will also be support for reviewing the complaints made in Kosovo for Albania’s TV channel programs in favor of ensuring the diversity and quality of the products, said Mr. Sala during the meeting. It was emphasized the importance for both institutions that the complaints coming to AMA or KPM from all citizens, both in Kosova and Albania, to be treated equally by both institutions.

The AMA Periodical Bulletin, a 6-month publication published by AMA since 2016, was another interest for the Kosovo delegation as an instrument for transparency of the audiovisual market performance.

This official meeting between the regulators was a concrete expression of willingness to strengthen inter-institutional cooperation, exchange of information, experiences in legal, technical, organizational practices, etc.

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