AMA’s Chairman Talks with Journalists about the Digitalization of Audiovisual Broadcasts in Tirana and Durrës

AMA’s Chairman Talks with Journalists about the Digitalization of Audiovisual Broadcasts in Tirana and Durrës

September 10, 2018

On Monday, September 10, 2018, the chairman of the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA), Gentian Sala, held a conference with journalists, focusing on the closure of analogue audiovisual broadcasts for the districts of Tirana and Durrës.

He has maximally appreciated the process, as in these two districts, where about one-third of Albania’s population lives, TV program followers will only reach them digitally.

Responding to the interest of present journalists, national and local and regional media, Sala highlighted the fact that from the closure of analogue broadcasts by audiovisual subjects in these two districts, the elimination of unlicensed digital broadcasting cases was achieved and the issue of channel sorting was finalized, according to AMA’s legal definitions.

Recalling the maximum and uninterrupted engagement of AMA for about one and a half year in an awareness and information campaign for the general public, the chairman of AMA expressed the conviction that any issue or uncertainties for a limited number of citizens will be solved.

Mr. Sala said that there are about 88 thousand people who have already benefited a decoder for free as part of the state budget support schemes.

He found the opportunity to thank all the television operators that on 10 September 2018 were cooperating in this vital process for the audiovisual broadcasting market. Mr. Sala expressed gratitude also for the patience of the citizens in this crucial process. At the end of the process citizens will have the opportunity to attend 34 free channels from the public and private programming packages that are broadcasted.

The two AMA’s call numbers about digitalization process: 04 410 44 55 and 04 410 44 56, will continue to serve the citizens to inform them and guide them to the new reality of digital terrestrial television broadcasts in the Tirana and Durrës, said during the conversation with journalists, AMA’s Chairman, Mr. Gentian Sala.

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