AMA publish the new book “The news in the media”

AMA publish the new book “The news in the media”

On Wednesday, at the premises of the Audiovisual Media Authority, a ceremony was held to promote the new book “The news in the media”. This valuable book in the field of journalism and communication comes from well-known authors in the field of journalism and media research, Prof. Dr. Hamit Boriçi and Dr. Sami Nezaj.

In his speech on this occasion, AMA’s Chairman, Mr. Gentian Sala, praised the newest media book, and invited young people to engage in serious studies in the field of audiovisual media. Mr. Sala stressed that AMA has encouraged scientific research in the media and will continue to do so in view of increasing the quality of the content of audiovisual broadcasts and the media in general.

Mr. Remzi Lani, Director of the Albanian Media Institute, in his speech emphasized the importance of the book and the news in today’s times. “The news” should be accurate and impartial in order to fulfill the continuity of the role of journalism in a democratic society, he said.

Sami Nezaj, co-author of the book, in his speech on the “The news in the media” said that this book addresses an audience that is related to journalism products in Albania with a view to increasing the quality of broadcasting and publishing news. The book came as a necessary necessity to draw on the methods and experiences of Western journalism with the Albanian terrain.

At the meeting were invited lecturers from the Department of Journalism and Communication at the University of Tirana and private universities, journalists, students, representatives of civil society and media organizations.

The publication of this book was supported by the Audiovisual Media Authority and it can be used by students, journalists, and media scholars. The book, which is in the form of an internship, aims to make a modest contribution to increasing the capacity of Albanian journalism to report impartially but in the meantime totally free.

Audiovisual Media Authority

Tirana on 24th of May 2017

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