AMA holds a consultative meeting with partners to improve the Broadcasting Code

AMA holds a consultative meeting with partners to improve the Broadcasting Code

On May 15, AMA, the Audiovisual Media Authority, held a consultative meeting with non-governmental institutions and associations, in the framework of the improvement of Broadcasting Code, as one of the main documents that regulates the activity of audio and audiovisual operators in broadcasting programs. After discussions within the institution for about two months, the meeting was an informative and sensitizing event for the partners for wider involvement in this process with thoughts and suggestions on the current text of the Code, which was adopted in January 2014.

Now, after more than three years, AMA has highlighted the need for interventions in this document, dictated by the rapid development of the audiovisual media industry, trends in how products are delivered, and how information and entertainment are issued by licensed operators in the market.

In addition to the specialists and experts from the Programs Directory, Legal Directory and Council of Complains, there were also representatives from the Commissioner for the Right to Information and Protection of Personal Data, the Albanian Agency for the Protection of Children’s Rights, the Agency for the Children’s Rights, the Blind People National Association, the Journalism and Communication Department at the Higher School – BEDER, the Order of the Physician and the Order of the Pharmacist.

The participants in their discussions welcomed and praised AMA’s initiative in favor of drafting a more quality text of the Broadcasting Code, as promising to make a concrete contribution at this important stage of the process.

Audiovisual Media Authority

Tirana on 15th of May 2017

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