AMA and the Albanian Media Institute organize the training “Improving the reporting of children cases in media broadcasting”

AMA and the Albanian Media Institute organize the training “Improving the reporting of children cases in media broadcasting”


On June 16 and December 17, 2015 a group of 20 journalists and editors working in the public and private audiovisual media, developed a training module as part of the project “Improving the reporting children cases in media broadcasting, organized by the Albanian Media Institute in Tirana, in collaboration with the Audiovisual Media Authority, AMA. Protection of minors on the audiovisual media is one of the most important audiovisual performance of subjects and the subject of discussion among the media community in general.

“Therefore, this first common initiative with AMA, we decided to concentrate on this aspect, for which we have identified quite professional problems,” said Remzi Lani, director of Albanian Media Institute. According to him, in 2016 there will be other training modules, in which will be included and reporters from local and regional television stations in the country.


Experts engaged in this module, in separate sessions with the participants discussed topics related to legislative and regulatory framework in the audiovisual transmissions; constitutional provisions and the Convention on the Rights of the Children; reporting formats, sources and interviewing techniques, specifications reflecting the problems of children in the audiovisual media-work, journalist newsroom and social knowledge must possess a more fruitful and complete reflection; Recognition of Broadcasting Code of AMA by journalists, role and impact of  the broadcasters to public; programs for children and youths, etc. Part of the discussion in the module and case studies were taken from the Albanian audiovisual media, on ethics and children.


“AMA in its commitment, do not aim only the monitoring process in order to verify compliance with the law and the Broadcasting Code content transmitted. During 2015 we invested to the partnership with other institutions and organizations working in the field of media, especially in the audiovisual media. We are in favor of promoting the editorial staff for quality and diversified products, as this is what the audience expects from the broadcasters” said Mr. Gentian Sala, president of the AMA, during the ceremony of handing the certificates.


A few weeks ago Authority in cooperation with the Department of Journalism and Communication at the University of Tirana organized an international conference on the digitalization of audiovisual broadcastings, where well-known scholars and researchers from Albania and other countries referred.


The Audiovisual Media Authority


Tirana, on 17th of December 2015

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