Prohibition of advertising that violates consumer rights

Prohibition of advertising that violates consumer rights

Audiovisual Media Authority, AMA, has recently received complaints about broadcasting from some audiovisual subjects of an advertisement for the activity of the SIGAL-UNIQA Group insurance company on its offers for private pension.

From reviewing the content of this advertisement, AMA points out that it is a clear violation of consumer rights, by giving them information about this private company and at the same time despising the public system of social security (pensions) in the Republic of Albania.

Every company, institution, individual can advertise products, services or other offerings in audio and audiovisual spaces, presenting their positive and useful aspects. But this promotion cannot give a dishonest commercial nature by using negative labeling and comparative evaluations with competitors in the market.

AMA requests from all SMPs that broadcast this advertisement to stop immediately it’s broadcasting, following communication with the subscriber subject to broadcast promotional content, which does not conflict with the rights of consumers and affect the  fair competition climate in the market.

Audiovisual Media Authority

Tirana, on 22 November 2017