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Albanian Parliament and AMA organize a round table on “Children in audiovisual media”

Albanian Parliament and AMA organize a round table on “Children in audiovisual media”

Albanian Parliament and AMA organize a round table on “Children in audiovisual media”

Today, on July 12, 2019, the MPs Group “Friends of Children”, from Albanian Parliament organized in cooperation with Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) the joint round table on “Children in audiovisual media”. This meeting is held in function of implementation of recommendations that the Parliament has put forward to AMA.

The participants were MPs, representatives of audiovisual media, representatives of civil society, state institutions, etc.

The purpose of organizing this round table was to create a useful space for discussion with all stakeholders on coverage of problems related to children reporting in audiovisual media.

Mrs. Vasilika Hysi, the Deputy Speaker of Albanian Parliament, at the same time vice chairwoman of MPs  Group “Friends of Children”, thanked in her speech the Audiovisual Media Authority for starting the work to implement the recommendations of Albanian Parliament. She emphasized the role of AMA in sensitive issues, such as the rights of children. While transmitting the support of Albanian Parliament for AMA to address issues related to the rights of children, Mrs. Hysi said that this round table is an added value and it is a good moment for the involved stakeholders, media, society and community  to reflect on their role in child education.

In turn, Mrs. Milva Ekonomi, Deputy Chairwoman of the Committee of Education and Public Information Media of the Albanian Parliament, talked about the importance of institutional cooperation in protecting the rights of children. She stressed the importance of monitoring of audiovisual content, mainly focusing on violence against children and advertising of energy drinks and drinks containing added sugar, as harmful products for children development.

AMA’s Chairman, Mr. Gentian Sala, talked in his speech about the work that this institution has done in terms of protection of minors in audiovisual broadcasting. Mr. Sala said that there is an increase of media awareness and of the public, as well towards this problem. He pointed out the need for an increased role of public operator as the sole body focused on public interest, above all. Over the last five years, “we have tried to coordinate our work and activities with all stakeholders involved, in order to address this problem properly,”- added Mr. Sala. The most important moment of this activity was the decision of AMA’s Board setting as a priority the protection of minors in audiovisual broadcasting.

Mrs. Elma Tërshana and Mrs. Julia Alushi from Observatory for Children and Youth Rights presented the findings of a study conducted in cooperation with UNICEF on “Media portrayal of children”.

The Head of AMA’s Complaints Committee, Mr. Urim Bajrami, presented in brief the work of this Committee starting from April 2016, when this body was incorporated. He pointed out the conclusions for each complaint handled and explained the good practice adopted to handle the complaints.

The meeting was concluded with open discussions from the participants. This round table will be followed by other meetings in the future.

Religious radios in favor of tolerance and coexistence

Religious radios in favor of tolerance and coexistence

Religious radios in favor of tolerance and coexistence

At invitation of the Head of Vatican Radio in Albanian language, Dom David Dhuxha, a delegation of Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) is holding a working meeting at this station’s editorial office, which started its broadcasting during the communist regime in our country.

AMA’s delegation is composed of the Chairman, Mr. Gentian Sala, Deputy Chairman, Mr. Sami Nezaj, the Board Member Mr. Agron Gjekmarkaj and Head of Programming, Mr. Arben Muka.

The focus of discussions at these meetings was religious radios in our country, their influence and commitment to identify tolerance and coexistence between different religions. The cooperation between editorial offices of Muslim, Orthodox, and Catholic religious radios, and their efforts for programs diversity and professionalism was positively appreciated.

The representatives of AMA delegation were also invited to hold a conversation in the studio of Vatican Radio in Albanian language. There was brought forward the proposal to organize in Tirana a round table with representatives of all religious radios in Albania, and to invite media and communication experts, lecturers and journalism researchers, clergy from all religious communities, etc.


Audiovisual Media Authority

July 2, 2019

Follow-up meeting with local/regional operators for digitization process and financial compensation in the context of digital switchover

On June 11, 2019, the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) organized a round table to discuss over the digitization process and the financial compensation procedure in the context digital switchover.

Representatives of local/regional operators, representatives of Radio and Television Broadcasting Association (RRTL), as well as representatives of the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Public Information Means were present in this round table.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss about the extent, compensation method, management procedure and payment of financial compensation to existing local/regional operators, pursuant to the Law No. 34/2017, dated 30

.03.2017, on “Digital Dividend”, as amended.

AMA’s Deputy Chairperson, Mr. Sami Nezaj thanked, in his welcoming speech, the present operators and pointed out that AMA is committed to support local/regional operators for their concerns regarding the implementation of the Law No. 34/2017, “Digital Dividend”, as amended. Thus, he made them sure that they could present in this round table their problems not only those related to the compensation process but also beyond, including the analog switch-off process, in general.

Mr. Dritan Xhelili, AMA’s Head of Cabinet, stressed the importance of partial compensation process for operators, their supporting fee in the digital network, by highlighting its direct impact on the support to local/regional private operators that are closer to local communities and could represent better the values of pluralism of thoughts.

The problem of reviewing the supporting fee in digital network of public operator was discussed in this meeting. The fee is based on current spending incurred for the operation of ARTV network.

The participants in the meeting claimed that the Law 34/2017 is silent about a remedy to the financial damage the local/regional operators suffered, that their investments made over the years were not taken into consideration in the drafting of this Law. They also criticized the total amount of compensation for this category.

The discussion went on with debates on the implementation of the Law No. 34/2017,  on “Digital Dividend”, as amended.

However, AMA will continue to work closely with all Media Service Providers, in order to guarantee a successful finalization of the digital broadcasting switchover all over the country.


Audiovisual Media Authority

June 11, 2019

Audiovisual Media Authority and Montenegrin Electronic and Postal Communications Agency Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Audiovisual Media Authority and Montenegrin Electronic and Postal Communications Agency Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

On May 30, 2019, Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) and Montenegrin Electronic and Postal Communications Agency (EKIP) signed a “Memorandum of Understanding for Exchanging Information in the Field of Electronic Communications and Audiovisual Media” .

EKIP hosted in its premises AMA’s Deputy Chairperson, Mr. Sami Nezaj, Head of AMA Cabinet, Mr. Dritan Xhelili, and Head of Frequency Band Planning and ICT, Mrs. Elkeda Domi.

According to the agenda, after the welcoming speech of the President of EKIP Council, Mr. Branko Kovijanic, Mr. Sami Nezaj thanked our counterparts for the cooperation made so far and emphasized the importance of continuing this cooperation in the framework of our common interests. The situation of Montenegrin electronic communications market and the situation of Albanian audio/audiovisual market were discussed in this meeting. They also discussed over the importance of effective regulation of electronic communications and audiovisual media sector and further promotion of activities and amicable relations between the parties.

This Memorandum of Understanding will contribute to further enhancing cooperation between the Republic of Montenegro and the Republic of Albania. It will also provide support with development of electronic communications and audiovisual media sector.

The Audiovisual Media Authority and Montenegrin Electronic and Postal Communications Agency will continue further the bilateral dialogue between them in support of the signed Memorandum.

Audiovisual Media Authority

Tirana, on May 30, 2019

Deadline for application of projects postponed



Following the “Call for Applications for Projects (2)” for media and civil society organizations, the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) is informing herein that deadline for submission of project proposals, foreseen for  03.06.2019, at 11.00 am, is postponed for  10.06.2019, at 11.00 am.

The project proposals filed with AMA in response to the public call will be opened on 10.06.2019 at 11.00 am.



Audiovisual Media Authority

May 31, 2019



Autoriteti i Mediave Audiovizive

31 Maj 2019


Press Release

In its meeting of May 16, 2019, the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) reviewed the opinions that “Be Coffee” Section of “Albanian Sunday” Program, transmitted in “Klan”  national television  on 03.02.2019, expressed about the figure of the martyr Mujo Ulqinaku.

Having heard the report of Complaints Committee on this issue, it noted that:

The act of resistance and contribution with the most sublime sacrifice by the martyr Mujo Ulqinaku, in tragic moments for the country, has obviously received inappropriate and unethical attention by the authors and actors of humor material. Mentioning his name and surname in an artistic creation and characterization with ridiculous and cynical notes goes in favor of denigration of those who specifically contributed to defending the fatherland.

We appreciate the inclusion of humor and satirical content for the entertainment of audiences of audiovisual broadcasting, but we also seek the understanding of content creators and actors not to overcome ethical norms causing a negative reaction of the public, in particular for the historical and national personalities.

Therefore, AMA draws attention to Klan Television, as well as other AMSPs to take into consideration and refrain from creating inappropriate situations that weaken and underestimate the role, contribution, and honor of historical personalities of our nation.


Audiovisual Media Authority


International Scientific Conference- Children and Media Education in front of new challenges

The International Scientific Conference on Children and Media Education in front of new challenges was organized today in Tirana. This conference was organized by Albanian Media Institute with the support of Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA), in the context of activities organized for the 20th anniversary of AMA.

AMA’s Chairman, Mr. Gentian Sala opened this conference by evaluating the works of this conference as an added value and a good moment for the involved actors, media, society and community  to reflect on their role.

Mr. Sala stressed the importance that AMA pays to protection of minors and how they are treated by media. It is one of the top priorities of his work.

AMA’s Chairman mentioned that the Public Operator has a role in serve as a model that makes the difference, but also as a point of reference for the media in addressing children’s issues.

He went on saying that “the firs ally of AMA for ethical issues, the diversity and quality of children’s programs should have been the public operator. ARTV has funds. It is not under the threat of advertising revenues, since it is funded by citizens. It has television time. It has 12 channels that could treat diverse topics for children. It has the laws and the potential to receive different programs and disciplines from European counterparts.”

The Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Mrs. Besa Shahini spoke about the importance of media in the formation of youth and public opinion. The Minister referred some data about media credibility. “More than 50% of the population believes and takes for granted every news they hear”- she added. Mrs. Shahini pointed out that we should be vigilant not to take for granted what the media say to us. It is important to find instruments to educate not only the children but all ages about media functioning and content. Mrs. Shahini invited the experts to give their opinions on the implementation of the textbooks of Media Education in the Albanian schools.

The Head of Albanian Media Institute, Mr. Remzi Lani, emphasized  in his speech the seriousness with which we should receive Media Literacy. He said that now it’s the time to include Media Education as a subject in school curriculum, from the lowest to the highest levels. In this way, we will not be blind consumers of what we are served, but we will have critical filters and thinking.

The representative of UNICEF Albania, Mr. Roberto de Bernardi said that the issue of children in audiovisual media should be resolved without delay. However, he admitted that the concept of “media literacy” has changed over time, due to the ever-increasing impact of technology on traditional media. 3/4 of Albanian children, said Mr. de Bernardi, own a smart phone, by means of which they receive information.

The conference continued with a discussion on three panels about specific topics related to the rights of the child in audiovisual media.

The first panel discussion over the rights of children and media education- the international standards and practices. So, European standards and practices on the rights of children and media education were brought as an example. The international experts, media directors and lecturers discussed this issue as a real-world challenge of our time.

The second panel discussion about children reporting in Albanian media: a journalistic perspective. In this case, the first findings of a monitoring of children’s coverage by electronic media were presented. The panel with representatives of AMA, media experts, and the State Agency for the Rights of Child  discussed over the situation and the right instruments tools to intervene in improving the reporting and handling of these cases.

The third panel focused on media education and children: a civil society perspective. It discussed the data and concrete cases of media reporting and the consequences that media reporting has on the lives of these children and their families.

first-hand institutions and stakeholders dealing with and addressing the problems of children protection from harmful content were involved in this activity.


Audiovisual Media Authority                            

Tirana, on 15.05.2019

Audiovisual Media Authority celebrates its 20th anniversary

On May 3, the Audiovisual Media Authority organized a ceremony on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

Various personalities contributing in the field of audiovisual media, MPs, journalists, analysts, academical staff, partners of AMA, and representatives of Albanian media attended the ceremony. This anniversary was also honored by presence of former officials of Audiovisual Media Authority.

Deputy Speaker of the Albanian Parliament, Mrs. Vasilika Hysi congratulated the Authority for the work achieved so far. According to her, AMA has a direct impact on media education of students and professionalism of journalists in news reporting, as well as in all chains of an independent and free media. Mrs. Hysi considered AMA’s cooperation with public institutions as a good method to boost inter-institutional interaction that directly effects on their mutual strengthening.

In his speech, the AMA’s Chairman, Mr. Gentian Sala, made a summary of the 20 years of AMA’s history. He went on saying that AMA has overcome all of inherited financial and litigation problems of digitization and it has managed to guarantee the major platforms in the country, within the limits of bands and legal restrictions. He also added that maximal efforts have been made to reduce the fees of public and private operators. “Today, 35% of Albanian public watches terrestrial TV for free, in over 30 channels, and this is not happening in any other country of the region,”- said Mr. Sala.

AMA’s Chairman pointed out that, for the first time from 2018, the Authority is focused on programming issues, as its core scope of activity in line with the public interests.

The ceremony of AMA’s 20th anniversary coincided with the World Press Freedom Day. In this regard, AMA’s Chairman talked about the role of media in Albanian society during these years.

“.. in the last 20 years, it is, no doubt, the fiercest reporter of violations to public institutions. It is the media that has kept alive Albanian language in thousands of Albanian children living abroad. It is the great media industry that with its work not only contributes with millions of euros to the state budget, but it also provides employment to over 3,000 employees.  We shall not forget that this media, in Kosovo, Macedonia and in all Albanian speaking lands, is the main means of information”- said Mr. Sala.

The evening continued under a festive atmosphere with music and greetings among the guests.


Audiovisual Media Authority

AMA’s 20th anniversary- an international scientific conference on audiovisual media market, audience behavior and regulatory authority

World Bank supports Audiovisual Media Authority with the digitization process

World Bank is supporting Albania with the digitization process. The project includes three crucial components:

–          Assessing the state of play of Albanian audiovisual market;

–          Providing technical assistance (drafting a plan for the continuation of digitization process- providing assistance with the management of frequency bands, digital dividend, etc.)

–          Building human capacities

The first two components of the project will be funded by World Bank, while the third component- Building of Human Capacities- will be co-funded by the World Bank and the Knowledge Transfer Program of Korean Government.

In the context of this project, AMA hosted in its premises the first mission committed to its realization. The mission consisted of representatives of the World Bank, Knowledge Transfer Program of Korean Government (KSP) and the Korean Radio Promotion Association (RAPA).

AMA’s Chairman, Mr. Gentian Sala briefed the mission on the current state of play of the Albanian audiovisual market and, in particular, about the digital switchover process, the challenges that this process has faced. The parties exchanged basic information and discussed about the need to build human capacities, and of the technical assistance expected to be received from this Project.

Mr. Sala appreciated this Project as valuable for the Authority, not only for its contribution to building human capacities but also for providing technical assistance, since Korea has already completed its digital switchover process since 2013 and it is an avant-garde country in technological development.

At the end of this meeting, the parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

During their stay in Tirana, the representatives of World Bank, KPS and RAPA held meetings with the line ministry and the national public and private digital operators.


 Audiovisual Media Authority

Tirana, April 25, 2019