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AMA’s Members

AMA’s members are elected by the Parliament for a period of 5 years, with the right of renewal only once. The procedure for the election of AMA members and AMA Chairman is determined in articles 9 and 10 of the Media Law. Under these provisions, the candidate to be elected as a member of AMA is required to have an experience of not less than 10 years in the fields of media, public service broadcasting authorities, commercial or noncommercial; production of audiovisual broadcasting content; economy, administration and competition rules; development issues of the Albanian language; issues related to persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups; art, culture and music; justice, law, public administration; science, environment and technology development; consumer protection etc.

Among the 7 (seven) members of the AMA, only the Chairman and Vice Chairman are full time engaged in the day to day work activity of AMA.


                                                                                          SAMI NEZAJ – Vice Chairman





AMA is a collegial authority. AMA’s decision making procedures, their implementation and the convocation of the extraordinary special meetings are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the law no. 8480, dated 27.5.1999 “On the functioning of collegial bodies of state administration and public entities”. The quorum required for holding valid meetings is constituted by 4 members. As a rule, AMA’s decisions are validly taken if they are voted by the majority of the members present at the meeting, except as otherwise provided by the law. The major part of AMA’s decisions are taken by a simple majority, except for certain decisions requiring a qualified majority. One of the main targets of the AMA’s work is the control of the content of various television programs, news programs, cultural programs for children and youth, focusing on achieving the realization of their educational, cultural, recreational and ethical function. Besides the supervisory activity, a significant role is addressed as well to the regulatory activity of AMA. The new Media Law does explicitly provide on such aspect.