In order to strengthen inter-institutional cooperation, focusing on the importance of guaranteeing protection against discrimination in the field of audiovisual services, the Audiovisual Media Authority and the Commissioner for Protection Against Discrimination, sign a Memorandum of Understanding.

This Memorandum of Understanding aims to institutionalize cooperation and define the rules and ways in which the Institution of the Commissioner for Protection Against Discrimination and the Audiovisual Media Authority will develop their institutional relations within the joint work for the promotion and protection of fundamental rights, for issues of common interest related to the implementation of the legislation in force on protection against discrimination in the field of audio and / or audiovisual media.

During the meeting, organized at the Audiovisual Media Authority premises, Mr. Gentian Sala, Chairman of the Audiovisual Media Authority, emphasized that “Respecting and protecting marginalized groups, is the focus of our work, and strengthening cooperation between our two institutions, it will be an added value in solving the problems that this contingent of society faces”.

Mr. Robert Gajda, Commissioner for Protection Against Discrimination said that “The protection of fundamental human rights, such as the protection against discrimination in accordance with internationally standards, is a legitimate right of Albanian citizens”.

Based on this memorandum, the parties are committed to carrying out joint activities for the respect, strengthening and advancement of the protection of fundamental human rights. In particular, the rights related to the protection of marginalized groups; increase cooperation in terms of strengthening the implementation of legislation in force, transparency and accountability; to prevent and stop cases of illegal activity, as well as to request various interventions from media entities in the country whenever necessary.


Tirana, 23.11.2020