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Religious radios in favor of tolerance and coexistence

At invitation of the Head of Vatican Radio in Albanian language, Dom David Dhuxha, a delegation of Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) is holding a working meeting at this station’s editorial office, which started its broadcasting during the communist regime in our country.

AMA’s delegation is composed of the Chairman, Mr. Gentian Sala, Deputy Chairman, Mr. Sami Nezaj, the Board Member Mr. Agron Gjekmarkaj and Head of Programming, Mr. Arben Muka.

The focus of discussions at these meetings was religious radios in our country, their influence and commitment to identify tolerance and coexistence between different religions. The cooperation between editorial offices of Muslim, Orthodox, and Catholic religious radios, and their efforts for programs diversity and professionalism was positively appreciated.

The representatives of AMA delegation were also invited to hold a conversation in the studio of Vatican Radio in Albanian language. There was brought forward the proposal to organize in Tirana a round table with representatives of all religious radios in Albania, and to invite media and communication experts, lecturers and journalism researchers, clergy from all religious communities, etc.


Audiovisual Media Authority

July 2, 2019