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Deadline for the closure of analogue boradcasting for the Korca disstrict is postponed on 1 December 2017

The Audiovisual Media Authority, AMA, informs residents of Korça district for the postponement of deadline of analogue TV broadcasting closure in two weeks.

The postponement until December 1, 2017 is made to give more opportunities to all local analogue operators in the Korca district to rely on one of the national numerical networks licensed by AMA.

The Authority draws the attention of all local analogue TV subjects operating in the territory of this district to take the measures as soon as possible to support their program in the digital network of ART or in one of the national private numerical networks.

Despite the postponement of the deadline, on 15 November 2017, residents of Korça district will have access to see through new digital broadcastings to about 20 free, national or local programs, of ART or 5 other private platforms.

AMA, on the other hand, requires from the public, which currently benefits from TV broadcastings through analogue technology, to be equipped with digital receivers (DVB-T2 type universal decoders), otherwise, after December 1, 2017, they will not be able to see any television broadcastings in this district.

Audiovisual Media Authority

Tirana on 15. 11.2017