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The lottery Procedure for Program Logical Number

Pursuant to the Regulation “On the Criteria and Procedures for determining the order of audio and/ or audiovisual services that rely on digital networks “, adopted by Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA) Decision no. 218, dated 12.10.2016, as amended, on the AMA premises, on 18 October 2017, was held the Lottery Procedure for Program Logical Number (NLP).

Program Logical Numbers, for which the lottery procedure was run, were NLP 4 and NLP 5. The subjects invited to participate in the lottery were the companies “TV Klan” sh.a., and “Top Channel” sh .a., the only subjects licensed as national analogues private national operators with a general character

The lottery procedure was conducted by the Evaluation Commission for the logical number of the program consisting of AMA Deputy Chairman, acting as the Chairman

Only the representative of “TV Klan” sh.a. was present during the Lottery. Evaluation Commission pursuant to Article 15 of the above Regulation, which stipulates that: “… The absence of representatives of the SMP shall not prevent the continuation of the lottery procedure,” decided to conduct the procedure. AMA Chairman, as defined in the procedure, appointed the eldest senior member of the Evaluation Commission to withdraw the lot for the company “Top Channel” sh.a.

Initially, in the presence of the members of the Commission and the participants, in one vase, in two non-transparent balls, the names of the participants in the lottery were placed, while in the other vase, two balls were placed in NLP 4 Logic Numbers and NLP 5. In the following, the procedure was followed up to determine the order of withdrawal of balls from the subjects, where it turned out that the first to withdraw the number of NLP was the company “TV Klan” sh.a.

The representative of this subject drew NLP 4, while the member of the Evaluation Commission that drew for the subject “Top Channel” sh.a. drew NLP 5.

The results of the above procedure will be forwarded to the AMA Council, which according to the legislative framework in force will approve the Logical Program Numbers for these subjects.

Audiovisual Media Authority

Tirana on 18.10.2017